We all do it, twice a day. To and from work. Driving from home to the office and then back again. If you are like me you try to relax, but that doesn’t always work so well. I have had good commutes and bad commutes, but none have been shorter than thirty minutes.

As much as I complain about my commute, it isn’t as bad as some other people’s commutes. And it is something that I consider whenever I take a new job. You have to. What difference does it make if the job is a good one if it takes hours to get there and back? Or you get so stressed out that by the time you get home you are a bundle of nerves.

It isn’t always the distance, or even the traffic. It’s – well, how do I put this politely – the stupid people. Here are a few of my pet peeves, and hopefully you will agree with me. And hopefully you aren’t the person in front of me. If you are then I am the guy behind you making faces at you.

I don’t know why I bother, because obviously the other driver is clueless and as my wife tells me – it can’t be me. They must all be the bad drivers. I mean really, how hard is it to keep up with traffic. Or use a turn signal. Or keep up with the people in front of you so that it all keeps moving.

Here is a quick question – turn signals? That’s it, that’s my whole question. Why don’t people use them. Let the rest of the world know what you are thinking! At least then we would know when you are going to cut us off.

I read an article once that a simple tap of the breaks can slow traffic for hours. I drive home from the airport, across the bridge and head towards the shore. Do you have any idea what this is like on a Thursday or Friday evening during the summer? And why do I feel like no one else is in any rush to get to where they are going?

And ladies – what is with the makeup? It’s hard enough to drive and drink coffee some mornings. And yet, I seem to get stuck behind at least one woman almost every morning who insist on putting on their makeup while they are driving. At least they are doing it between traffic lights and not on the highway. Which almost moves slower that regular street traffic.

My new commute will be much better, in some ways. But I am sure it will still be trouble in other ways. But, it is all part of the job. Truly. And it certainly isn’t as bad as my last boss who drove 75 miles each way. The bottom line is that we all have to deal with the commute, so the next time you pick a new job make sure you can handle it. Or at least live with it.


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