Are We Really Alone

I went away last week for a few days to the shore, well actually to a hotel/casino down the shore. We spent two days at the pool and the one thing I noticed was all of the voices. Loud voices. Not so much people yelling, as much as people just talking loudly. I have been noticing this more and more lately and I am starting to think about how much we as a “people” have changed.

As I lay by the pool those two days and closed my eyes I felt like a super hero, or at least a dog with super hearing. I felt like I could hear a variety of conversations that were going on all around us. If I kept my eyes closed I could actually pick out specific words and almost hear full sentences. It wasn’t that I was eavesdropping to be nosey, but just more attentive to how loud some people can people.

It isn’t that they are yelling at each other, it was just people speaking loudly. And what struck me so much was that it was if they had no consideration for others sitting around them. I mean, do I need to hear the one guy talking to a business partner about missing documents, or the other guy talking to his mother about dinner. And those were just the phone calls. There were a lot of people sitting together and having friendly conversations and they were just as loud.

 I think that part of the “problem” is the over-abundance of cell phones. They are so common these days that we have become accustomed to having telephone conversations with anyone and anywhere. I don’t mean to pick on cell phones or technology in general, but I think that it has impacted our ability to recognize boundaries or privacy. 

It’s kind of funny that with all of this technology we are closer to our friends and able to communicate with so many more people in an instant. Simply type your status, hit send and “poof” everyone knows what you are doing. But, I wonder if we are really closer or just able to communicate faster. And it is because of this that I think we have lost a certain amount of privacy. 

And with all of this communication I also wonder if we have lost some of the closeness that we had before with our friends and family. I wonder if we still have the ability to actually pick up the phone – in private – and tell our close friends and family our biggest troubles. How many posts do we see on Facebook or Twitter that say – I am having a bad day and need a hug? And if we did how many would respond?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up my cell phone either. I just think it would be nice to actually pick up a phone and have an honest conversation with our closest people. Or better yet – meet them for coffee, breakfast, or whatever. Not because we are hungry, but so that we can sit face to face and talk. I named this blog “Are we Really Alone” because there are days when I think that we might actually feel alone. Maybe that is why people talk loudly – so they won’t feel so alone.


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