Inspiration for Writing

I started a new job this week, working once again in “the city”. For those of you not familiar that is center city Philadelphia, as opposed to New York City. My commute is a little bit longer, but I have a 30 minute train ride – each way – which gives me time to write, think, or just relax and read a good book.

I also have a short 15 minute walk between my office and the train which is nice. Even though it is the city and there are cars and dumpsters everywhere impacting the “fresh air” it is still nice to get out. To let the air blow through my hair – assuming I had any. It gives me a chance to blow the daily cobwebs of life from my mind and truly start each day fresh.

It also gives me a chance to look at society around me and think about how we interact with people and how that has changed. As I walk down the street, past the tourist family holding tightly to their kids’ hands, past the other businessmen and women in suits, past the joggers and the strollers. I notice one thing that is consistent with almost everyone.

Almost everyone has a phone in one hand and their earbuds or headphones firmly planted on their heads and in their ears. I do the same myself, enjoying the time to listen to my favorite songs, or just let my iPhone choose for me. I do it, because like the air it drowns out the “noise” of life and let’s me escape for a bit.

But, I still find myself looking around at the rest of the people and I wonder. Even in myself, am I escaping from them or just into my own thoughts? For me, it is into my own thoughts. I have found in the past week a renewed vigor in my writing. And where I was somewhat stuck, I now feel alive again and more a part of my new story than before.

In a recent interview I was asked – where do I get the inspiration for my story? The answer is simple – just look around. There are so many stories all around us. Sitting beside me on the train, walking against the traffic light in a rush to get someplace, or just standing looking at the dress in the window.

In that same interview I was asked – when did I first feel like a writer? I am not sure when exactly, but I do know that it is days like today that I feel more like a writer than ever before. And as many authors have said over and over again. Writers write. Or as Steve Berry once said in an interview – you have to write every day so that the little voices in your head will quiet down.

So, quiet down little voices. I am writing. Again. Every day if I can. 


One thought on “Inspiration for Writing

  1. Such truth! We try to drown out, or often times separate ourselves, from what is around us, but if you write then you observe. And absorb. And weave threads together to make stories of the lives we see.


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