Disney Vacation – Day One

Before I start, I should “warn” you. I like Disney, in fact you could probably say I love Disney. We are members of the Disney Vacation Club, which is like a timeshare but – at least in my opinion – much better. Aside from the flexibility, it is also Disney. And no matter what negative comments you can make, Disney just does it better.

As my 15 – ok almost 16 – year old son put it the other day. If someone were going to build an Atlantis (hotel underwater) it would be Disney. And they would do it well. Disney, just has a customer service ethic that goes above and beyond. I won’t say they are perfect, no one is. But, they do their best to try to be.

Yesterday we spent the day at Epcot going on Soarin which is a really fun ride, and Disney is shutting down because it is time for a renew. But, it is still fun. We also did Test Track which is a little on the jerky side, and may not be the best for a soon new driver. But then again, we don’t have roads like these at home – or anywhere.

In the afternoon and early evening it rained – actually a good thunderstorm rolled through – so we opted for an afternoon nap. I think that parents sometimes forget about this concept. They get up at the crack of dawn with little kids, or even big kids, and expect them to be on the go all day. And then they wonder why they (the kids) get cranky?

In the evening we opted for a simple dinner at the Polynesian and then decided to go to Magic Kingdom. What started as “oh, we will just walk through the shops” turned into going on Buzz Lightyear (love it) twice, Space Mountain, and then Pirates of the Caribbean. We laughed – because my son says I cheated in the Buzz ride just to beat him. And we had a really good time.

On to day two now… I am up a little early (as usual) so I got myself coffee and a danish. Sitting by the fireplace – one of many – here at the Wilderness Lodge villas. It is relatively quiet and even fairly peaceful. It’s a good way to start a day at Disney.

Oh and by the way – a good way to END the day is at the Polynesian with a Lupa Lupa. It is dark rum, pineapple juice, and topped off with Bacardi 151. Oh and it is served in a full pineapple.


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