Release Day for Cutter

As you may know I have written my first novel Cutter – a suspense/thriller. The official release day is Wednesday Sept. 17 and will be available on Amazon, Nook, and iBooks. This is an excerpt from the book.

It was raining again. It was just a drizzle but the boy was still cold and damp. He shivered so violently that his entire body shook and he looked like he might collapse at any moment. Of course it didn’t help that he was wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and jeans. The boy was walking along the trash-strewn streets, his eyes darting all around, watching for what lurked in the long dark shadows. Between the heavy dark clouds and early dusk it made the shadows even darker and longer. As he passed in front of a dilapidated house he glanced over the simple wire fence, looking at the mostly boarded up windows. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a huge dog charged the fence barking and howling. The little boy was so startled that he almost jumped out of his sneakers. As he continued walking past the fence the dog followed him, barking madly, saliva spraying as his paws bounced off the fence, shaking it. Finding his inner strength, he smiled a crooked grin at the dog and kept walking. He walked a little faster as he passed the next lot that was empty, but slowed momentarily as he passed the now boarded up corner market. His grumbling stomach, an additional reminder of the nice man that had been there and how hungry he was again.

By the time he had reached the end of the block the rain was coming down in sheets so thick, he could barely see where he was walking. The sky was as dark as the inky black sea, and with the rain falling so heavily the boy was almost invisible. Suddenly everything was lit as bright as the day had been just a couple of hours ago by a sudden bolt of lightning. The brightness was followed immediately by a huge rolling clap of thunder startling the boy and making him duck as if the sky were falling around him. He looked skyward for a moment before quickly continuing on. The lightening continued to come, faster and brighter with each strike, the storm felt so close it was as if it was trying to chase him along his way. The thunder beating against the buildings made it sound even louder as it echoed all around him. The booming was so loud it seemed as if the sidewalk was vibrating under his small feet. By the time he reached his building he was so wet that he looked as if he had fallen into a deep lake. The roof of the building leaked everywhere making small waterfalls and the boy had to walk carefully between them as if he was trying to stay dry. Despite all the leaks in the roof and lake-size puddles, there was a small lean-to in one corner that managed to keep the boy’s meager belongings dry.

The boy stripped off his wet clothes and hung them on a line so that if the rain stopped they could drip dry. This also seemed like a good way to get them clean even if he didn’t have any soap. He slipped on a pair of dirty, oversized shorts, and laying back on his bed against the wall, opened the bag he had been carrying. He emptied the bag beside him on the bed – if you could call this lumpy old mattress a bed – and used the lightening outside to see what he had scrounged to eat. There were a couple of pieces of two day old bread, a mostly brown banana, and a few Oreo cookies. It wasn’t much, but with his grumbling stomach as proof, it would have to be enough. As he took a small bite of the bread a slow lonely tear slid silently down his dirty smudged cheek and blended with the rain that was still dripping from his hair.

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2 thoughts on “Release Day for Cutter

  1. Alice says:

    Nice to meet you tonight. Hope to write with you again!

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