Another Interesting Week

This has been an incredibly interesting week for me, including both good, bad and just plain strange. There were quite a few positive and empowering things for me this week that it made the sad things touch me even more. All of it combined has made me stop and make me appreciate everything in my life even more.

For most of you reading my blog you know that I have recently published my debut novel – Cutter. It is currently available on Amazon, Nook, and iBooks. And I have already sold about a dozen copies. I saw another author post on Facebook a question she got – how does an author sell their books? Her answer was “one at a time”. And that answer summed it up for me – it didn’t matter, if I sold a dozen or 100,000 (although that would be nice). I did something pretty darn amazing, and am darn proud of it.

I also got my first two reviews, the first one which said that it was an amazing five star read and how much she loved it. The second also said that it was a great book, and how much she loved it. Both reviews touched me incredibly and again, if no one else likes it I will still feel incredibly lucky. With the help of what have become some good friends I feel like I put together a good product. The easy part was writing the story – the hard part was the editing, the re-editing, and the cover. But they all made it easy.

As good as all of that was, my week started off badly. On Monday a person fell in front of the commuter train that I was on. I was so sad all day, and not just because it happened. I was sad for the woman, that she felt that alone and that desperate that she thought there was nothing else for her. All week I have been thinking about it – how could someone be that alone and that lost. And then I realized it as I looked around – because we are all too busy looking at our cell phones, headphones on drowning out those around us.

With this in mind I have been trying to be a little more aware of people around me. I know I can’t save the world, but surely a simple smile, hello, or hold the door for someone. People barely even notice each other as they race from the train to their office and back. I don’t know if it would help someone who felt totally alone, but it can’t hurt. Plus who knows – one smile could lead to two, or twenty, or twenty thousand.

Like I said, it was a very interesting week. Such an amazing week for me and also filled with a reminder that sometimes things become difficult when you lease expect it. A friend of mine found out that her husband is terminally sick. Completely out of the blue – playing 36 holes of golf one day, and sick the next. Sometimes, it’s not the other person who needs that smile. Sometimes, it is us. So the next time you pass a mirror stop and smile. You deserve it today!


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