What can I say about me? I am a parent of two fabulous kids – kids who are 23 and 16, a husband to my best friend and an amazing woman, and a new author. I have completed my first novel – a suspense, mystery, thriller – which I published in September 2014. I am working on my second novel which I hope to have published in May 2015. I enjoy traveling – thanks to my wife, Disney, amateur photography, and reading.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, David! I am also on my first book – a romantic paranormal suspense with Sci Fi elements! Ha! Talk about cross-genre. It would be great to have mine finished in September also. My husband would very much appreciate this time-consuming, mind and personality-altering journey to have an end sometime 😉 I have a blog rarely used, but I guess ready for when I launch my books. You can read it here http://krisspage.blogspot.com/
    Best of luck, Kris (Krista Lynn)


    • Kris, thank you for your comments. I have added your blog to my list and look forward to reading more from you. Your book definitely hits on several genres. I am also on Twitter @DEGordonAuthor and on Facebook. Look me up and I will follow you back. Good luck to you as well. And tell your husband, my wife says the same. Although I have already started my second book.

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  2. urbabygirl says:

    I’m looking forward to great things from you my friend!! I’m excited to get to follow you on this journey. You know I’m your biggest fan!
    Always…. Tray


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