Beer Tasting on a Disney Cruise

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We’ve covered several of the tastings adults can indulge in on a Disney cruise, from wine and Champagne, to liquors and cocktails. Last but not least, I’ll tell you about our seminar on the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer. In this tasting, the bartender will go through the interesting history of beer, the…


Another Cutter – Cover Reveal

Another Cutter

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Author: David E. Gordon

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Fortune, family, love…

Secrets, hidden pasts, dangerous liaisons…

How much would you risk to protect the people you care about the most?

Self-made billionaire Robert Cutter made his money investing in struggling companies. When one of his most valued and trusted employees begins to act erratically it pulls Robert into a swirl of dangerous situations. Things escalate quickly and not only puts his life in danger, but that of his family and close friends.

Robert now has the life and family he never imagined for himself. He has to choose between protecting his immediate family, and those he considers “family”. As the past and secrets are revealed, Robert finds himself questioning things at his very core – his decision-making.

And protecting his family may just mean losing the family he never knew he had.

Author Bio

I live in Southern New Jersey with my amazing wife, who is also my best friend. We live just outside of Philadelphia and about an hour from an awesome selection of beaches. It was on a beach that I wrote my first short story and I love to spend as much time as possible there. There is something so invigorating about the sun and the blue skies.

When not working on writing books or my blog I am a husband to an amazing woman, and a father to two fantastic young adults. I am also a corporate finance professional that spends the rest of my time helping executives and business leaders improve and grow their business. It is some of this experience, which has helped bring this story and the sequel to life.

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Max was standing a couple of feet away from Robert, on his left side, and the driver was a couple of feet away, on the right side. The game was well underway and Sam’s team was winning when he saw Joseph approaching. Suddenly Robert tensed, as he saw Max straighten up, his whole body and mind seemed to be on high alert. With a quick motion of his hand the driver closed in beside Robert and just behind him. The man’s hand reaching for Robert’s arm as he said, “With me, sir,” and guided him towards the SUV.

One moment the parents were cheering on their sons’ and daughters’ soccer teams, and the next there was chaos everywhere. Joseph had broken into a full speed run cutting across the soccer field towards Sam, dodging several of the small children as he raced forward. The driver protecting Robert stopped and knocked him to the ground, as Max went into a crouch, his gun in his hand and sweeping across the field. As Robert landed hard on his left shoulder he saw that Joseph also had his gun out.

The first shot rang out and Robert saw the cop standing beside his car go down, as he was just starting to free his gun from its holster. The bullet tore through the cop’s left leg and buried itself in the door behind him. With the driver covering him, all Robert could do was watch, in what seemed like incredibly slow motion, as another shot rang out. Robert saw a shooter go down on the far side of the field, the rifle falling to the ground from his lifeless hands. More shots could be heard as the children scattered from the field, parents and children, trying to find each other.

Robert watched as Joseph reached Sam and in one fluid motion pulled him under his arm and took off for the SUV. The driver, kneeling in front of Robert, was firing behind Joseph and Robert saw another man go down. There were four more men charging the field with guns firing at the driver and Max. Robert had not even noticed that Max had moved onto the field and was running an intercept with Joseph, firing as he ran. Another man went down, and then Robert felt the driver topple over.

The man’s gun lay on the ground beside him. Robert saw him clutching his shoulder with blood pouring from the wound. Robert grabbed the gun and, despite yells from Joseph, he stood up and ran towards them. Robert remembered what Joseph had taught him about handling the gun and held it, pointing down. The gun tight in both hands as he ran on. Max had passed Joseph and Sam, stopped and dropped to one knee. He was firing at the three men still advancing on them, and Robert saw in horror, that Max’s left arm was hanging to his side useless.

Robert couldn’t tell where the other shots were coming from – he guessed from one of Max’s team that was hiding some place. Whoever it was, he was an amazing shot. He fired one at a time, and each time found his mark. Robert passed Joseph carrying Sam, and Joseph shot him a look. He knelt and fired at the approaching men, leading him as Joseph had taught him. He saw the shooter he aimed at slow down as he grabbed his side and then topple as another bullet hit him. The third man was taken off his feet and toppled backward as Max hit him with several shots to the chest. The last man continued to run towards Robert and Max firing as he ran, trying to avoid the bullets flying at him. Just as it seemed like he was going to finally find one of them, the shooter’s arms flung wide. He staggered forward for several more steps, his eyes already lifeless as he fell forward into the grass.

Max turned to Robert, as shouts of “clear” could be heard. Robert leaped up to his feet, desperately needing to check on Sam. As his eyes ran over the scene before him, he noticed the driver was sitting up with another gun in his good hand. He also saw two men jogging towards them and he stiffened before realizing they were part of Max’s team. Robert turned looking around wildly searching and then saw Sam sitting on the ground crying. Beside him lay Joseph and he didn’t appear to be moving. Robert looked at Max and the two took off running.

Other Books in the Series

Cutter Cover



Power, fortune, and prestige…
Greed, threats, and dangerous liaisons…
Nothing is worth your life, but is your life worth living?

Self made billionaire Robert Cutter made his money investing in struggling companies. Plagued by “accidents”, it becomes apparent that someone is trying to kill him. Injured by a concussion in one of the accidents, the agonizing realization is that his not-so-perfect past is coming into clear focus.

Cutter has everything a man could ask for – money, women, cars, houses, and power. But, with the latest attempts on his life, he starts to rethink his life and evoke change.

Soon he begins to realize that was important is no longer that significant.

He thought he had everything, but he had nothing.

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Traveling to Scotland – Part II

The following day we drove from a small seaside town named Nairn – with a Gordon Street – to the Culloden Battlefield. For those of you that watch Outlander, it is a real place. And quite amazing to see in person. It is a wide open field full of marsh and bog lands. There are the markers everywhere for the various clans. And of course the large memorial for those that died that day. The sense of history throughout the country is just amazing, but this really hits it out of the park. Simple yet strong in it’s silence.

From Culloden we drove through the beautiful countryside to Loch Ness. My wife is a believer and I wanted to share in her excitement for it. It was breathtakingly beautiful all around and the history and scientific research was rather amazing. My wife even got a copy of one of the books signed by the author who just happened to be there. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to cruise the lake, which is huge to say the least. If I was a Loch Ness Monster I couldn’t think of a better place to live out my days.

From there we rode the train – we both agreed that was enough driving – to Stirling where we visited Castle Doune and castle Stirling. Again, for your Outlander fans Castle Doune is quite amazing to see first hand. It is not large by any stretch of the imagination. But, you can just feel the history and imagine how the clans and their people must have lived in the 1700’s and well before. It was a foggy morning so we were not able to visit the William Wallace memorial, but by the time we were ready to leave the city the fog had cleared so we could see it. Castle Stirling was another example of the history of this country and how the lairds didn’t rule, but took care of everyone like they were family.

Our last two days were spent in Edinburgh and it was an amazing way to end the trip. Seeing this large city, and yet still feeling like we were in a small town at times. The new pubs, and expensive shops surrounding the Castle on the Hill. Once again, we can see how the castle wasn’t just for a laird but it was a huge part of the city. We were lucky to be there for the daily 1pm cannon firing and even that gave us a sense of history. Not that the cobblestones, small stone buildings, or tiny little chapel didn’t lend to the history. It was amazing to walk through these buildings and see the city from the top of the hill.

I started off thinking this was going to be a nice vacation. A good time for us to get away for a few days and enjoys the time away from work. But, it turned out to be an incredibly special trip. For example, finding a small Writer’s Museum. The Balmoral was quite the hotel and the bar had over 400 varieties of scotch. Of which the barman helped you find one by learning what you normally drank.

Every one we encountered was not just nice, but very friendly and eager to help. I will always remember the rolling hills, the snow capped mountains, the history, the scotch, the sheep, and especially the people. We were constantly on the move and it was tiring, but it was a great trip. For anyone considering a trip to Scotland I would highly recommend it. Bring your walking shoes and your camera, because there is a lot to see and you will not want to miss a thing.

Traveling to Scotland – Part I

About a month ago my wife and I traveled to Scotland for about a week. I was looking forward to getting away and visiting a country I had never seen before. I had read a couple of travel books, a website or two, and looked through several travel websites. I sort of knew what to expect – a country with big cities as well as small cities. A country known for it’s Scotch, for it’s history, and for it’s Loch Ness Monster. A country known for it’s clans, for it’s kilts, for it’s sheep, and for it’s mountains, and stone formations. And as I learned for very good shortbread biscuits and a good rail system as well. One other thing I knew about Scotland – they drive on the left side of the road, and the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. Both opposite of the United States, where I have been driving for several decades.

We flew into Edinburgh and took a train to St. Andrews. The home of golf and this year the home to The Open Championship. The weather was typical for Scotland – which means it drizzled and rained. But, it didn’t matter – we were in Scotland on vacation. The Old Course Hotel was quite nice with a mix of new and old. We didn’t stay but after a short walk around town and the course, we had a nice relaxing tea looking out over the course. The train was delightful and rolling along through the countryside was a great way to travel and see the country. We rode along the coast and watched the small farms go past. The mountains, the hills, the green fields, and the sheep. All of which I was to learn where plentiful in Scotland. 

 We spent Friday night in Aberdeen near the airport so that in the morning it would be a quick walk to pick up our rental car. Yes, this was the start of a two day adventure behind the wheel of a car. The best way to describe driving in Scotland for me was – awkward. But, I got used to it and just had to keep telling myself – turn right, stay left. It was something we joked about doing, but I really enjoyed it. Mostly. And got used to it rather quickly. And even my wife – not a great passenger – said I did well. Saturday was to be “Gordon” day and it turned out to be so much more. And the weather turned out to be very un-Scottish – warm and sunny.

In the morning we went to visit the Gordon Highlander museum, as they are known for their military and strategic prowess. It was amazing to see the uniforms from Napoleon’s days and from all of the wars since. It was interesting to learn more about the history of the Clan. Everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful – especially Jeffrey Gordon (not my son). Words and sayings such as “When you burn our kilt you roast our pride. You can take away the tartan but you cannot quench the spirit of the Gordons.”


From there we drove to Glenfiddich (pronounced Glenfidick) Distillery which I really enjoyed. We did a two and half hour tour of the distillery and I was surprised to find that they still do a lot of things in the traditional ways. Something a lot of distilleries don’t do as much. One interesting note is that while it was formed by the Grant family, the Gordon’s married into the family and have been a large part of the success and growth of the distillery. It was a Gordon who started the “Single Malt” category of scotch. And it was a Gordon who took the scotch to the world. At the end of the tour we got to not just sample different barrels of 15 year old scotch, but got to blend our own.

A few notes about the distillery – they go through 400 tons of barley in a day. The land around the distillery was purchased specifically because of the fresh spring that ran through it. They use American oak – bourbon barrels and Spanish Sherry barrels.  Both of which give the scotch a very distinctive taste. And blending the different barrels makes for a very unique taste. I was also honored to share the tour with a descendent of the Grant family, and since the next day was my birthday he gave me his blended scotch.


Another Cutter – Exciting News

I am very excited to announce that we have finalized the dates for book two. ANOTHER CUTTER will be released in the month of May.

The cover will be released on May 13th, the book on May 20th, and a blog tour from June 29th to July 3rd. Claire Allmendinger and Bare Naked Words will be hosting and managing these for the bloggers.  I will also be making book 1 CUTTER available for review.  And both Robert and I will be available for interviews.


Fortune, family, love…

Secrets, hidden pasts, dangerous liaisons…

How much would you risk to protect the people you care about the most?

Self-made billionaire Robert Cutter made his money investing in struggling companies. When one of his most valued and trusted employees begins to act erratically it pulls Robert into a swirl of dangerous situations. Things escalate quickly and not only put his life in danger, but that of his family and close friends. 

Robert now has the life and the family he never imagined for himself. He has to choose between protecting his immediate family, and those he considers “family”. As the past and secrets are revealed Robert finds himself questioning things at his very core – his decision making.
And protecting his family may just mean losing the family he never knew he had.
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The Shore

This past Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining the clouds were a nice white fluffy mix. We hemmed and hawed about what to do. Garden work or relax and enjoy the gift. We opted to relax. 

My wife recently got a convertible and we have been waiting for just such a day to drop the top and go for a ride. Here in New Jersey we don’t go to the beach. We go “down the shore”. And even though the forecasters said it would be chilly and cloudy we went. A day at the shore beats any other day. 

Driving down the highway, hair blowing across my head – not enough hair to blow through it – felt rejuvenating. So refreshing. Even when we got stuck in traffic at one of the few lights it didn’t matter. The sun was shining and oh so relaxing. 

Of course everyone else had the same idea so there was no place to park. We had intended on just grabbing a bite and walking around Cape May. But instead did the next best thing. We drove to the lighthouse. Parked and walked out onto the beach. 

I guess for April it was crowded. Ok not really. There was about 20 other people around us. But we didn’t notice. Christine took a nap while I sat down near the water enjoying the peace and serenity of the crashing waves. And a good Cuban cigar I bought in Scotland. 

I looked back over my right shoulder and then she stood. The lighthouse. All white with the red top. There is something about this place that relaxes me. Not a little bit. But a lot. I can sit and watch the waves roll in. The ducks float by. The occasional cruise ship far off on the horizon. The sun shimmering off the blue water. 

The joyful shouts of the kids chasing the waves lost in the peacefulness. Even the seagulls cries add to the feelings. My mind wanders to my book and I jot down some thoughts. It was a perfect way to spend a sunny day in April. 


New Year 2015

Now that it is February I decided that I should break the mold and write a blog about the new year. We all read blogs and posts about people setting New Year’s resolutions – to eat healthier, work out more, stop smoking, or whatever they think will make them happier. And we always hear about people who break their resolutions by February. So, I figured I would reverse it and make my resolutions in February.

There is just one problem – I don’t do resolutions exactly. Yes, this year I am going to try to eat healthier. Have a salad or two, maybe skip the chips for a healthier snack. But, my biggest resolution is to make this year a better year than last year. Which is going to be very hard to do because last year was monumental.

Looking back at 2014 there were just a few “small” things, but they have changed my life. The most obvious was having my novel published and getting good reviews. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely amazing it is to have someone say “hey, I read your book and really enjoyed it”. I also finished my second book last year. Hopefully to have it published by Memorial Day this year.

I also started a new job, which has carried it’s own challenges. But, what job doesn’t come with challenges? Except for being a Wal-Mart greeter which was plan b. Just kidding honey!! But the new job has been really enjoyable and I love working in the city again. Even if it has a longer commute. Every job has it’s pro’s and con’s and this one does also. But, so far I am still smiling.

One of the other things we are doing this year is celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. And we have already started it off right. With a trip to Disney World. Shocking I know right, since as you know we go fairly often. But, this one was a little different – because the kids came with us. And that always make the trip a little more fun.

Hard to still call them kids when my 16 year old is taller than I am. Just let’s me know how much I appreciate my daughter not being taller than me also. But, they are awesome and we always have so much fun with them. Who else could get me to ride Rocking Roller coaster twice in a row, or Space Mountain three times in a row. Just because we could. For a guy who isn’t a huge roller coaster fan, I still enjoyed every minute of it.

So – how do I make this year more than last year? Simple. I focus on my happiness. And accepting those things which make me happy. Or more importantly focusing on those things which make me happy. I think some times we get so caught up in the stressors in our lives, the small and the big issues that we forget to do that. To focus on those things which make us happy. Then maybe we won’t spend as much time on the challenges.

I have no idea what the next eleven months will bring. If you asked me in February 2014 I would not have said – I will have a book published and sold and have a new job. But that’s what the year brought. So whatever 2015 brings my way I will accept it and if it’s a challenge then I will determine to make it something I can be happy about.

I know it’s a month late… but, I wish you all the best. A year full of joy’s, happiness, good health, smiles, and the strength to make the tears less painful. Happy New Year world… bring it on!!!