Characters in Writing

This past week I have been writing a lot more in my second book and am still “searching” for my villain. I am ok taking more time to find the villain in my head because I need to make sure I have the other characters well developed. But, I have been thinking more about the characters in general and building them up. When I wrote Cutter my focus was initially on Cutter, since he was obviously the most important part of the story. I have heard from several other authors how their characters speak to them, and they have to let the characters tell their story. That may sound like a writers’ “line”, but I can tell you it’s not. There is another interesting thing about the characters in our stories, and how important they are. I have also heard from several people that one of my characters in Cutter – Joseph – was a great character. The interesting thing for me is that I didn’t really plan it that way. While he plays a major role in the story, I truly didn’t expect think of him that way. I have been thinking about how he got to be who he is. And it struck me – because that’s who he is. What I mean is that I really do feel like Joseph did and said the things that he should do and say. Once I had his role in the story it just made sense that he is who he is. I didn’t really have any choice in developing his part in the story. And that my friends is what makes me feel like a writer. Knowing that it is my character telling his story, or making sure that he gets to play his part in the unfolding drama. In Cutter the basic story told itself, I just helped it along. I just the second book can be the same. So today, I would like to thank my characters for being who they are, and not letting me change them!